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Welcome to I.C Hair 

The salon is a relaxing places to enter, with its fusion of industrial beauty and Italian design, incorporated to give a modern air of elegance. The salon is easy to get to, situated in Sikeside Street, Coatbridge, on the way to Carnbroe, and has off-street parking.

Kenra Hair Colour Technician Glasgow

The key to a great salon experience is the combination of professionalism, creativity and becoming a friend rather then just the hairdresser. Cailean works in partnership with his clients to give then exactly what they need to look fantastic and feel on top of the world. However that does not mean always giving the client what they think they what!! He takes into account the clients lifestyle: if you are a busy mum it is very unlikely that you are going to have the same time to spend doing your hair as a single women with no kids. The latter is more likely to have the time to recreate the salon style. Styling is all about the shape of the face, the thickness and texture of the hair and when it come to hair colour it is about age and skin colour.

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